Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Can you see and embrace potential?

Its interesting when in Business you launch something newish, and watching people trying to connect or not with your latest incarnation!

There are those who hear your heart and catch the vision, they see the potential and are the early adopters. Mostly these are people who are not ones getting bogged down in detail, but rather are the blue sky thinkers, the risk takers and they do not want to miss an opportunity, especially something new and different.

Then when you put out your marketing materials, you find people grasping with words and struggling to see beyond definitions and concepts. Assumptions are made, key words which mean one thing to you mean 33 different things to 33 different people! You can feel like you are treading treacle and its one step forward two steps back syndrome! The worst thing is when you engage with this people group, put a lot of time and effort into qualifying their suspicions and doubts and looking to turn them round and see the potential when then, (deep sigh), they disengage from you and go their own way.

You can often be left deflated and wonder why you bother, but.... then..... out of the desperation
come a glimmer of light, a ray of hope that yes, there is still someone somewhere able to see the potential that you see!

Soon the one becomes two, becomes five, becomes ten and your confidence is now soaring. No longer is it about numbers and quantity, now its about quality! Quality of people with vision, who can see potential; quality of people who want to know more, start a journey and willing to take a risk as to where that journey takes them! Now you not only have some quantity but you have priceless quality of people!

The potential you saw in your new product or service, is now living in others too. You have transferred that vision, that enthusiasm into others and they see the potential. This releases not just a sense of achievement in yourself, but also a freedom to enjoy exploring that potential with a group of quality people who embrace potential, change, innovation and risk, all for the want of realising that potential that they recognise.

At these times you value people, you see that people contribute to your business in ways that go beyond a mere Business transaction. Its at these times you are thankful that you can see potential, and that you are not alone.

If you are in a situation today with your Business, where it seems like you are beating your head against a brick wall, then I would encourage you to look around you, look at your clients, colleagues, networkers, friends. Why? because it is there that you will find that glimmer of light and hope: it is there that you will find those who can see the same potential that you see and want to embrace it as much as you do. By sharing your vision, you have infected people around you who now want to start a journey of potential with you.

Today, see the potential, embrace the potential, and with those who share this vision with you, together realise your FULL Business potential!

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